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About Me

​I am the owner of Best Staged Homes LLC. We have a great team of individuals who have years of working experience and who are passionate about working with homeowners like yourself prepare their house to sell for maximum value. 

I have been in the Real Estate Industry as a Real Estate Broker since 1993. I owned  a very successful Real Estate Firm in New York for over 10 years prior to relocating to Georgia with my family. During that time I staged and sold over $1 billion in homes. My staging opportunities and experience resulted in faster sales. My success was due to hard work and educating myself throughout the years.

My passion to see that smile of satisfaction on a homeowner's face drove me to push myself harder. I promise to bring that same passion to assist you with the sale of your house, with the expecation for a great result. I look forward to holding your hand during this next milestone of your life creating beautiful memories. 



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Certified Home Stager




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Get Maximum Value

​​Only 10% of homebuyers can

visualize the potential of a house as their own home. 

Real Estate Staging helps the buyer to visualize a house as their home. Staging is the act of preparing and showcasing residential or commercial property for sale. It is a systematic and coordinated methodology in which knowledge of real estate, home renovations and creative design principles are applied to attract a buyer.

Preparing property involves all or part of cleaning, de-cluttering, updating and repairing while showcasing is the process of scaling, arranging furniture, accessories, art and light

Whether the property is owner-occupied or vacant, Staging is recommended before listing a property. It can be equally effective after a property has been on the market for an extended period unsold.

Staging has proven statistics that a house sells faster for maximum value. 

The National Association of Realtors estimates that almost 90% of people shop on the internet for their next home. This is where first impressions begins. 

At, we've built our livelihoods on assisting people to make right choices with their homes in order to get the Maximum Value in a shorter time.

From the simple to the lavish, we've experienced it all and we can help you every step of the way. No job is too small or too big for our knowledgeable team. We've happily done it all for 21years now!