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At Best Staged Homes, we offer a few different services depending on your immediate need and preference. Our goal in mind is to help you get the maximum price for your house in this competitive market. Staging helps do exactly that. Being a Realtor since 1993, I know exactly what buyers are looking for when they view a house, they want to see if they could visualize themselves living in your home as their home. My very 1st listing in 1993, I offered my staging advice and since then my peers at Century 21 (the agency I was affiliated with then), started calling me the clean up lady. In those days Staging was not popular but because I was brave enough to tell the homeowners what to do to make their house sell, I became popular in my office. I guess as a new agent, I looked through the eyes of a buyer when walking through the homeowners house to get the listing, that's why I had no fear of speaking out. It proved successful and after all these years that method certainly worked, now Staging is popular and I am proud to be responsible for many sold listing because I assisted with staging their homes. 

We provide Consultations, Consultation with a written report, Staging for both Occupied, Vacant Properties, Project Management and Minor Remodel Consultation in some areas, Half Day Consultations, creation of a plan and initial recommendations. Our services include Vendor recommendations and project management to complete the work.

A typical consultation takes 2 hours which is considered a "Walk and Talk". This includes a tour of your home including both inside and outside of your home.

When we are finished you will have an action plan that will include suggestions about de-cluttering, updating or replacing light fixtures, painting, light repairs that are visible, furniture removal and or replacement and repackaging your home with things that don't need to be shown (personal items or too much furnitures and other items). The main focus for staging is to enhance the space in your house so it will look larger, this is the primary focus of a buyer when they walk through your house. We will also make suggestions about your curb appeal, since this is the 1st impression a buyer will have of your home its important to give a "WOW" factor.

When all the work is completed, you can call your realtor to get your house on the market. I will make sure everything is up to your satisfaction at this time. The consultation action plan allows you the home owner to do the work for yourself, this way you save some money. Or you can have my team handle it for you. As a Realtor since 1993, I know it seems as though you might be saving by doing the work. However, if you take more than a month after our initial consultation to get started, right away this could be a problem because every month you miss your completed staged house on the market means you are paying another months mortgage, but more importantly you are missing out on those buyers that are presently on the market who are looking and making offers on other houses that are already staged. If, however, you intend to take my action plan and work on it diligently, then this could be a success and I feel confident that you will be calling me to stage your new house soon. 

If your property is vacant, we can arrange a temporary rental of furnitures and/or accessories to really showcase the potential for the space. 

Our Values for our Service is written in stone that's the reason for our increase in our referral business. However our services are not written in stone, we are flexible depending on your needs and goals. We look forward to working with your on this important milestone project.


Potential buyers spend only 5 minutes viewing a vacant property, but stay as long as 40 minutes viewing a furnished home. We offer several Vacant Home Staging packages to suit your needs. 

 We will bring in all the furniture and accessories to create a warm inviting feel so buyers can visualize themselves living in your house. We normally focus on the main living spaces, the living room, kitchen and master suite.  Staging vacant properties normally takes 4-6 hours with 2-4 stagers. There is a separate monthly rental fee for all furniture and accessories.​


 If you are in this position, our occupied home staging package is perfect for you. This includes a Home Staging Assessment and on site staging.

Our team work with your own furnishings to showcase a home’s finest features! By creating the best traffic flow, emphasizing focal points, color and accessories we create spaces that buyers will emotionally connect with. If you don’t have much to work with, that’s not a concern as we can bring our own high quality inventory, which we rent out at a minimal fee. We make recommendations for colors to enhance your best features in the house and also to make the space look larger for the buyer's viewpoint.

* Any Rental items suggested are not included in pricing. Quote will be provided based on requirements.


Professionally staged homes present and show better than competing houses for sale, including new construction homes and higher priced houses.

Staged properties will sell faster when compared with houses that have not been staged. From the date of listing until the day of closing, home staging shortens this time frame, even in a slow real estate market.

Staged properties can increase the number of offers and selling price in hot markets

Buyers view professionally staged listings as “well –maintained”

Buyers agents recognize that professionally staged listings are “move-in” ready and are inclined to show staged properties

Photos of professionally staged listings look better on the MLS, as well as in print

Professionally staged listings “STAND-OUT” in prospective buyers minds.


Overall, professional stagers agree that staging a property prior to going on the market benefits everyone involved with the sale and purchase of the property. Professional stagers recommend repairs and upgrades that are needed to get the property in market ready condition.

Staging also shows buyers the property’s true potential.

Buyers often do not have the funds to purchase a home and pay more money to address repairs, painting etc. Buyers realize and appreciated the benefits of purchasing a professionally staged property.


This extremely popular service is the cornerstone and starting point in prepping your home for sale! This option is suitable for those on a budget or who want to do as much as possible themselves.  We visit your home and after a complete tour of your home, we provide our expert recommendations and suggestions for you to implement. We take in consideration your lifestyle but also consider the general public so the house would be ready for buyers from all walks of life. This tour and recommendation is for both inside and outside of your home. This may include de-cluttering advice, specific rearrangement of existing furniture and specialized styling tips. We educated on how to repackage your home. Each client will receive a personalized plan based on their specific needs. This plan will help you in competing all the steps necessary before putting your house on the market.

Our consultation will address a number of important points, such as:

• Curb Appeal
• Items to Pack and least expensive method to repack your home
• Furniture Placement and Removal to make the rooms look more spacious to the buyer
• Paint Color Choices if necessary (All colors doesn't appeal to all buyers and may even make the room look smaller
• Repairs or Improvements that will Benefit the Property
• Fixtures/Hardware Replacement
• Organizing Suggestions/Recommendations for all rooms including front and back yard
• Tips on Showing your Property to enhance its best features resulting in maximum price
• Recommendations on Acquiring Accessories e.g pillows and other simple decorative items (might not be necessary)

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